100% Carbon-free Electricity to Power Site Welfare

Advanté and Algeco UK have been working together with Winvic Construction to deliver low carbon, low noise EcoLogic Solar welfare to their site.

Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Winvic is a UK based construction company, known for their expertise in delivering various construction projects, including industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

They are committed to sustainability through People, Innovation, Planet and Community, and aim to become a Net Zero business by 2025.  Carbon reduction is crucial to reaching their Net Zero goals and they are focused on minimising emissions across their supply chain.

Winvic’s approach to sustainable practices means they are dedicated to creating a happy, safe, and healthy work environment for their staff to work in and having a positive impact on the local community.  Equally, they are committed to protecting the planet by reducing their carbon footprint, and therefore require their site welfare to line up with these objectives.

100% Carbon-free Electricity Powers Site Welfare Unit WinVic Construction with Solar Renewable Energy

Sustainable Self-sufficient Welfare: EcoLogic Solar

In line with their sustainability targets, Winvic Construction chose to hire an Oasis EcoLogic Solar welfare unit from Advanté, to support their short-term investigation works project.

An EcoLogic Solar unit is a completely self-contained, static welfare unit powered by impressive EcoLogic Solar hybrid technology. Incorporating office, canteen, full drying room, and toilet facilities in one unit.

EcoLogic Solar welfare units are powered by proven Hybrid and Solar technology, using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, noise, and fuel costs.  This provided the team with high quality and low emission welfare facilities that have a positive impact on the staff wellbeing, the environment, and local community.

Site Manager, Ben Childs, Winvic Construction explained:

“Due to the live nature and logistics on site, and the lay down area given, it was important for our welfare to be self-sufficient. In line with our company’s sustainability policies of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing site energy consumption, I was keen to try the EcoLogic Solar welfare cabin.”

32ft EcoLogic Solar Oasis Welfare Unit

100% Carbon-free Electricity to Power Welfare

The Winvic Construction site team worked out of the following Oasis Welfare unit:

EcoLogic 1750 Solar – Office, Canteen, Drying Room and Two toilets.

84 Day Hire Period
100% Carbon-free Electricity
100% Silent Welfare
£2,034 Fuel Cost Saving*
2.66 Tonne Carbon Emission Saving*


*Savings over Diesel 11kVa Welfare Unit running 50 hours per week.

EcoLogic 1750 Oasis welfare unit floor plan 100% Silent Running, 100% Carbon-free Electrical Power

Effective Solar Welfare in Winter Months

The EcoLogic Solar welfare unit gained 100% renewable, carbon-free electricity from solar and stored energy, to power the unit.

In addition to the carbon savings benefits achieved by the unit, the team found the EcoLogic Solar welfare unit very easy to use from the day it was delivered to site. The project team found it refreshing to have a silent running welfare unit. The absence of vibrations from the generator had a positive impact on site.

Site Manager, Ben Childs, expressed:

“It was also a nice change to not have the constant hum of the generator running.”

The EcoLogic 1750 Solar has a full solar array on the roof, which uses hybrid technology to deliver solar and stored power to all electrical loads in the unit. A backup LPG system is used for heating and battery top-up, if required.

“I was impressed with the battery/solar run time. I am sometimes sceptical as to the battery capacity claims and generator run times but found this cabin to have plenty of power for the number of operatives we had on site, and with it being the winter months, having heating on too.”

Carbon-free Electricity Powers Site Welfare Unit WinVic Construction with Solar Renewable Energy

Efficient Delivery and Helpful Service

Advanté and Algeco UK have been working collaboratively with Winvic to meet their welfare and site accommodation needs. Advanté is a sister company to Algeco UK, who supply Winvic with more long-term modular accommodation setups. Advanté supply Oasis Welfare units, a popular choice for short-term projects like this one, or at the start and end of a large construction project.

Site Manager, Ben Childs, also commented:

“I found both Kelsey and Paige helpful and efficient throughout, from the initial quotation to uplifting unit away from site. It was also a nice touch to have the unit sent out complete with tea and coffee, so we could have a brew on the first morning!”