Helping Towards Being Operationally Net Zero – Morgan Sindall Construction

At Greenmill Gardens, Leeds

Morgan Sindall are a long-standing business partner with Advanté – working closely together ensuring sites consistently receive innovative, high quality welfare that meets the needs of staff, site, community and the environment.

Advanté continually develop progressive solutions and their sustainability credentials are market leading, as part of the Morgan Sindall family they make a positive impact helping us achieve our ambition to be
operationally Net Zero

Graham Edgell, Group Director of Procurement and Sustainability, Morgan Sindall Construction

On their current Greenmill Gardens site in Leeds, run by Site Manger Adrian Golby, two EcoLogic Solar 1400 units have been in use for 10 weeks providing full welfare for the team. These were the first EcoLogic Solar units trialled by the group as part of their progression to more sustainable welfare options.

“When these units were suggested, I’ll have to admit I was sceptical, but the proof is in the reports…. I am totally surprised. I would not hesitate to use these units again, in fact I would recommend them, and
already have one of these in use for the start of my next project.

For these units to have achieved 100% carbon free (electrical power) on our project is something to shout about, this has to be the way moving forwards on our journey towards making construction cleaner and more sustainable for our generations to come, and of course our planet !!!

All the above points coupled with the excellent aftercare and service from Advanté along with well presented, comfortable and ample space within the units has helped the site completion works run along
smoothly…..not one complaint from the workforce.”

Adrian Golby | Site Manager, Morgan Sindall Construction

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units

As Adrian puts across so well, for all involved the environmental benefits are substantial and have contributed to the efficiency of work on site. However, with the increased pressure of energy price rises the Morgan Sindall team were also keen to see the difference the EcoLogic Solar made to their running costs.
Based on figures from similar sites with traditional diesel welfare units the Greenmill Gardens site saved on average over £214 per cabin, per week on fuel costs – a total of £4,289 saved over the 10 week hire. A significant achievement and one that will be now be replicated across Morgan Sindall sites UK wide.

“Advante have always shown they’re a market leader in both Site Welfare and Sustainability. These figures prove beyond doubt, their units do exactly what they promise; offering us top of the range welfare that
has extremely green credentials. ”

Tom Walker, Accommodation Desk Manager, Morgan Sindall Construction

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units

EcoLogic SOLAR 32ft Range

Features & Layout:

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units