Down by the river…

Our client, a civil engineering company, requested specialist lifting assistance with their enabling works to replace a river sluice gate...

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Client:  Civil engineers

Location:  River Crane, Twickenham

Key issues: 

  • Enabling works taking place in the river
  • Lifting required beneath tree canopies

Our client, a civil engineering company, has been working with the Environment Agency to replace a river sluice gate, near Twickenham.

This unusual job required specialist lifting to be carried out by one of our lorry loader crane operators, as opposed to mobile crane. This was due to the ground pressure loadings and constraints of working at a low height due to nearby tree canopies.

Our highly professional and experienced operator assisted with the enabling works by lifting a limpet dam into the river, which could be fixed by divers. This later enabled them to put temporary fabrications on to the river walls, prior to the new sluice gate installation.

Our Advanté lorry loader and crane operator offered significant environmental and operational advantages, compared to a mobile crane, such as operating the crane at low job angles, so that the removal of low tree branches was kept to a minimum.

river lifting mounted crane
Diver in the river